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We are one of the first in Lithuania to cooperate with Italian gas equipment  and Cavagna Group, a leader in the production and sales of metrological devices, launch a new generation of ultrasonic smart gas meters

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Abstract Futuristic Background

The smart
gas meters
will help to change

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The Cavagna group's smart ultrasonic meter is the first and only gas meter in the world to be certified according to the MPD (European Measuring Instruments Directive) and is suitable for all liquefied gas mixtures and natural gas

Due to the high sensitivity of the installed ultrasonic sensor, this gas meter can measure the gas flow regardless of the thermodynamic state of the liquid and is able to detect even the smallest flows. Due to the absence of moving mechanical components, it guarantees minimal pressure loss and reduces the possibility of measurement error

Vienintelė judanti ultragarsinio išmaniojo skaitiklio dalis yra nuotoliniu būdu valdomas elektromagnetinis uždarymo vožtuvas. Ši funkcija leidžia sustabdyti dujų tiekimą nuotoliniu būdu. Tai gelbsti nelaimės atveju – įvykus dujų nuotėkiui ar gaisrui, taip pat, kaip prevencija bandymui sukčiauti.


of a new era


We strive to improve the quality of our services as efficiently as possible, taking into account the wishes and suggestions of our customers.
From April 2021. 15d. Specialists of UAB Deguva have started installing ultrasonic smart gas meters.  We invite you to book a convenient meter installation time for you, tel. +370 687 238 62.
We will publish the work schedule according to the served areas by e-mail. mail or phone and we will coordinate with each customer individually.

The consumer does not need to check the amount of gas entering and leaving the cylinders


+ €


Pay not for delivery
of gas in cylinders,
but for the 
amount of gas consumed
in m3


The introduction of smart meters provides the benefits of accurate and transparent billing

Heating will be much more convenient

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