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Dailius Šova



Recently, the environment has been polluted to such an extent that nature itself can no longer cleanse itself. As a result, the established balance is disturbed in nature, ecological problems are difficult to solve, and human morbidity is increasing. The use of fossil fuels has significant negative effects on humanity and the environment.

The benefits of liquefied petroleum gas as a gaseous fuel have long been recognized by the Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Japan and many other countries. In the mentioned countries, liquefied gas is used not only for space heating, but also for cars, motorcycles, motor boats, mobile power stations and compressors. In many cities, especially in tourist destinations, it is mandatory for public transport to use gaseous fuels. In addition, economic leverage is used here. In all the above-mentioned countries, various pollution tax reliefs apply to the owners of gas-powered vehicles.

Responsible nurturing of nature is one of the manifestations of humanity as it is
Lithuanian national value, invaluable property of all of us.

Let's preserve nature for our children and grandchildren !!!

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