How to use Deguva e-Shop


Products at our online store can be ordered at any time of the day at any day of the week.

Payment for products information:

You are welcome to pay for products You picked up at our store by Your most preferred and convenient method.

The payment options:
1. Withdrawing the products from our store (Raudondvario pl.234, Kaunas) and paying by cash;
2. Paying by a bank transfer (upon Your transaction, please indicate the order number in payment’s subject line);
3. Paying through “Paysera” online platform. After choosing this particular payment method, You will be directed to the payment window of Your bank, whereby You will have to enter the requested code from Your code card (or a code generator). After typing in the requested code number, the payment will be proceeded automatically.

Product delivery:
IMPORTANT! Product delivery can take up to 8 work days.

There are several possible delivery options:

1. Product withdrawal at UAB Deguva store, located in Raudondvario pl. 234, in Kaunas City;
2. Via the Lithuanian courier delivery services company, “LP Express” (a courier will deliver Your products to Your specified address or location or an LP Express terminal);
3. If Your order price is 100 EUR or greater, a UAB Deguva manager in Kaunas City will deliver Your products for free.

Withdrawal at our store.
Raudondvario g. 234, Kaunas
Work hours: 8-20h (I-V).
0,00 EUR By cash
By a bank transfer
Via our store employee.
This option is available only in Kaunas City with a total order for 100 EUR and more.
0,00 EUR By cash
By advanced payment
Via LP Express couriers.
Delivery in 2-8 work days.
3,00 EUR By advanced payment

For Your convenience, it is also possible to arrange other ways of product delivery with an agreement with one a UAB Deguva managers. They will provide You with more detailed instructions in regards to the alternative delivery methods.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail after an order is completed.

Personal data protection
Your provided data (e-mail address, name, phone number, address, etc.) will only be used so that we can properly provide You with our services. Without your permission the data will not be transferred to third parties outside of our direct service provision, with the exception of law orders of the Republic of Lithuania.

Product warranty and return
Every UAB Deguva product is applicable to a subject of manufacturers’ warranty terms of the conditions and terms stated in the descriptions of products. In case of a product failure, during the warranty period of the product, a repair is carried out for free. The warranty period is indicated on an item’s purchase document (VAT invoice). By submitting a product warranty repair, please be sure to provide a product’s (or products’) contract documents – invoice, which operates as a warranty card, as well as all original documents, attached to the product(s). After a warranty period, the products are not accepted for warranty repairs, but we will advise You reliable after-sale service professionals.

1. In case of a failure of the product, please contact by the number, indicated on the VAT invoice, which is referred to as a warranty card (+370 695 88755) or contact us by an e-mail:
2. The defective product must be provided by the customer with the product’s purchase document, VAT invoice, which works as a WARRANTY

3. The defective product the customer hands over to our store steward or a currier, assigned by our staff (which is a subject of a dialog with the store administrator).
4. Courier must receive the product(s) in a safe package.
5. If the fault(s) has failed to substantiate or in the case of a warranty conditions violation, all costs, associated with the transportation of the product(s) are assigned to the customer at his own expense.
6. In case of a manufacturer’s fault, faulty product is replaced by a new one or the faults are repaired within 3-21 days from the day the product is transfered to a warranty service.
7. If the faults, caused by the operation of the device during the warranty period can not be removed, and if it is not possible to replace it with a new one, we return the money back.
8. The seller is not responsible for a data and information losses, during the malfunction of the product(s) and its consequences. We recommend to constantly back up or make copies of Your data.

If You bought a product and found that it is defective, You have the right to return a product within 7 (seven) work days from the date of delivery of the order. In this case, a defective product is replaced by a qualitative product or we return the money back.

All the defective products are replaced or returned in accordance with the “return and exchange rules”, no. 117, approved by the Minister of Agriculture in 2001 June 29.

A REMINDER! Returning a poor quality product, it is necessary to submit a product’s purchase documentation (VAT invoice).

A returning of suitable quality products is possible only by the rules of order, No. 258 “Product sale and provision of services, when the agreements are made by the means of communication devices “, aproved by the Minister of Agriculture in 2001 August 17 August.

When returning the goods, You must follow the following conditions:

• The returned item must be in its original neat packaging;
• The returned item must be unused and not damaged by the buyer;
• The returned item must be of a merchantable quality (with an intact label, with a protective film that has not been torn off, etc.). This does not apply to the return of the defective product;
• The returned item must be of the same design and complectation, which had been received by the Buyer;
• When returning the item, it is necessary to provide the acquisition document, warranty card (if received).

The Buyer must return the product(s) to the address, indicated by UABC Deguva.

The Buyer pays for expenses of product transportation.