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Gas from Reservoirs Heating Systems

Liquefied petroleum gas is a rapidly growing house heating method!

According to their physical and combustion characteristics, LPG is a clean type of fuel, which complete burns out, emitting far fewer pollutants than a majority of other types of fuels.

Heating with LPG is one of the most convenient, economical and environment-friendly methods of heating. It is recommended for industrial sector, apartment buildings and heating single-family houses, as well as for food production.

Multipurpose, mostly cylindrical overground and underground reservoir tanks, ranging from 500 to 200000 liters are designed for LPG heating. They are used for liquefied gas storage in filling stations and terminals, as well as the installation of individual heating systems for  industrial and private spaces.

Our service spectrum

Consultancy and design – we project and prepare an estimate for works, coordinate projects with a list of relevant authorities

Installation – we install overground or underground gas tanks of different sizes, manufactured in Czech Republic and certified according to EU Directive 97/23/EG, signed with the CE mark. Upon Your request, we assemble heating equipment, mount industrial and domestic installations, attach pipelines, connecting them to gas distribution networks and heating centers

Maintenance and repair – we carry out reservoir equipment technical maintenance, service and repairs

Supply – we supply liquefied gas with special transport gas vehicles to the most remote corners of Lithuania

Sales – we offer a wide range of gas boilers, industrial and household heaters and a necessary range of equipment at favorable prices with flexible payment options

The network of LPG gas is under the supervision of emergency service professionals, quickly responding and solving any emergency situation!