UAB Deguva

The company was founded on May 30, 1996.

Our mission:
To fulfill the Lithuanian market needs for liquefied gas, to improve service quality, as well as to ensure safe and reliable use of products and its maintenance.

Core activities:
Retail and wholesale of liquefied gas.

Company contacts
Tel.: +370-37-422-022
Mob.: +370-687-820-51
Fax: +370-37-422-690

Our address:
Raudondvario pl. 234
LT-47158 Kaunas

• Selling liquefied gas for motor transport, household, heating, industry and technological needs

• Delivering LPG in Lithuania within 24 hours from the receipt of order

• Bottling gas in the LPG filling station

• Selling domestic liquefied petroleum gas in 79l, 50l and 27l gas cylinders in Kaunas City and its district, also in Elektrėnai municipality and the districts of Liepaja, Prienai and Jurbarkas

• Selling liquefied petroleum gas for cars in oil stations, concluding credit agreements

• Carrying out gas installations, tank maintenance and repair work

• Collaborating with subcontractors for liquefied gas tank design and installation work

• Representing the leading and recognized European Union manufacturers of the field and its activities, by distributing their production/equipment for liquefied natural gas facilities installation and repair

• Making long-term and short-term contracts with the customers in regards to technical maintenance, repair and accident localization services for liquefied gas reservoir heating equipment and technological devices

• Repairing liquefied gas evaporators, installed in the Romanian manufacturing tanks

Gas equipment and service leaders!
We look forward for Your call, tel. +370 37 422 022!

Gas delivery in cisterns all across Lithuania!

We offer liquefied petroleum gas delivery services for heating, industrial use and/or technological processes!

Depending on Your needs, we’ll deliver the gas in 10 and 20 tone tanker trucks within the 24 hours from You order anywhere in Lithuania!

Call us now and order Your LPG! +370 687 99727 or +370 687 51139!