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Decentralized ventilation recuperator

Brink Air 70 (without outdoor grill)

Air flow (m³ / h)
15-70 (15, 25, 40, 55, 70)
Sound level (db (A))
​​21.6 31.8 | 41.1 | 47.5 | 52.2
Pipe diameter (mm)
Wall thickness (mm)
500 - 600 (300 - 500)
Efficiency (EN-13141-8 2015)
SFP (W / m³ / h)
<= 0.25

Brink Air 70 is a professional solution that combines all the features of a ventilation unit with heat recovery in one compact unit. It is the quietest decentralized ventilation device on the market and requires no ducts at all. Due to these properties, Brink Air 70 is especially suitable for ventilation of individual rooms. The device is mounted on the outer wall, so it is a great solution for renovated apartment buildings, houses or new apartments.

Advantages of Brink Air 70:


  • The quietestdecentralized ventilation unit on the market

  • Manufactured in accordance with European regulation EN13141-8 2015

  • Built-in 100% summer air bypass valve

  • Extremelyenergy efficient

  • Easy to install

Brink Air 70 features:


Decentralized ventilation

The Air 70 is a decentralized ventilation unit with heat recovery. The device is easily mounted on the outer wall, and only the inner part of the room is visible on the wall. Ventilation air is supplied and removed directly through the external wall, so no ducts are required.



The external grille can be of different colors depending on the facade. The interior of the unit is compact, slim, modern in design and unobtrusive. In addition, you can follow the instructions to paint the Air 70 the color you want. This way the Air 70 adapts to any interior.


Quiet and efficient

Thanks to modern technology, the Air 70 is the quietest decentralized ventilation unit on the market. In addition, it consumes extremely little energy during operation. Fresh outdoor air, flowing through a built-in tubular heat exchanger, is heated by warm exhaust air from the room. This means that there is always fresh air in the premises and heat loss is minimal.


Small size, high power

Air 70 ventilation capacity reaches even 70 m3 / h, and the housing diameter is only Ø 250 mm. In addition, the device fully complies with the requirements of the European regulation EN 13141-8 2015.


100% air bypass valve

On summer nights, the unit supplies cooler outdoor air to the premises, so there is no need to open a window. The 100% air bypass valve is activated automatically. This gives the home extra comfort, and noise and various pests, e.g. mosquitoes remain “behind the door”.


Frost protection

The thermal efficiency of the air handling unit will not be affected by low outdoor temperatures. The built-in outdoor air heater prevents the heat exchanger from freezing and ensures that there is always enough fresh air supplied to the premises.


Simple operation

The standard unit is controlled by two touch-sensitive buttons, and five LEDs display various settings and messages.



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